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Every Ride at Disney World in One Day

Disney World Challenge: EVERY Ride in One Day

In May 2023, we became the first group in the TRON era to ride everything at Disney World in one day. All 49 Rides in One Operating Day.

Prefer brevity? Here's the TikTok version. 790,000 views and counting.

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EVERY RIDE in Genie+ in One Day

Genie+ includes 37 rides. Can we ride them all in one day using their Lightning Lane? We try to shatter our previous record of 34 Lightning Lanes in one day.

Genie+ WORLD RECORD - Disney World Lightning Lane Challenge

How many lines can you skip in ONE day in Disney World? Shoebear and Shrugsworth push Genie+ to its absolute limit.

Every Ride Challenge: December 2022

A group run with 12 teams? Hijinks ensue!

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